Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals within Dental Practices must be equipped to manage medical emergencies and able to demonstrate that they have in place the correct equipment and training according to the General Dental Council, the Resuscitation Council (UK), and the Care Quality Commission.

Dentists and dental care professionals have a responsibility to put patients’ interests first and to recognise that, as part of dental team working, all members of staff, not just registered team members, know their role if a patient collapses or there is another kind of medical emergency.

2 hours of verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) in medical emergencies should be undertaken by dentists and dental care professionals each year.

There is also a public expectation that dental practitioners and dental care professionals should be competent in managing common medical emergencies.

All dental professionals who might be involved in dealing with a medical emergency should be trained and prepared to deal with such an emergency at any time, and practise together regularly.